The Demons Of Instagram By: Nisha Hodgins

Nisha Hodgins, Fall Editor

your ideal world consists of glitter and mascara

where everything is portrayed to be perfect

red lips and rosy cheeks

one hundred more likes to be worth it


put on a mask just to pose

for a picture to match your theme

look as compelling as the innocence of a child

pretend there still is existence of your self esteem


behind the screen you’re bombarded with tears

you are not in the phantasm you created

surrounded by black and white

you were born in a world you hated


wipe your waterfalls quickly

and hide your scars with a mask

but your heart is breaking

and fixing it is an impossible task


you’ll miss your imaginary world

because you can’t post when you’re gone

sick of portraying a perfect life

you plan to disappear at dawn


walk your last steps

say your last words

it’s time to say goodbye to this imperfect world.