Adios 8th graders


8th graders Julianna Rodriguez and Arthur Anderson

Caite O'Brien, Spring Author

The 8th grade Warriors are leaving to experience highschool life. All of our favorite 8th graders  and friends that are in 8th grade are going to be leaving on to bigger.

8th grader, Arthur Anderson, is going to Woodbridge High School and becoming a Barron. Next year, Anderson is going to miss all the teachers here at Woodbridge Middle School. Arthur’s favorite classes will be math and science; he hopes to get into a physics class because he’s “very interested in how things move and operate”. Anderson will probably join the bowling team, join the high school choir and maybe band.  He said that he will think about any other clubs he hears about. He will also miss all his friends here because some WMS students are going to vocational schools or another school in the Woodbridge School District.

Another 8th grader, Julianna Rodriguez, said she is also going to Woodbridge High School and becoming a Barron.  She’s going to miss all her friends that she made and some of the teachers because “most of the teachers taught me well and wanted me to succeed”. Julianna’s favorite class will probably be math, “I’m a math kind if girl”. She will most likely continue band in high school.

Even though the 8th graders are leaving Woodbridge Middle School, we will always remember them and all they did to show us how to survive middle school, we will always miss them.