Calling all students! Field day is BACK and better than ever!!


Sarah Rasimowicz

Field day poster created by Miss Nardoza!

Sarah Rasimowicz, Spring Author

Attention! If you go to WMS and want to have fun, make sure to be on time to school on June 11th! Field Day is once more!

Mrs. Chesney, field day coordinator stated,  “A lot of what we’ll be seeing are inflatables. Last year, we had two, but this year we are going to have another one to make it three. We will also be having those ice pops that are like a foot long.  There will also be soft pretzels, cotton candy, long games (such as: Spike Ball,CanJam,Cornhole, and BottleFrisbee), and music. Students will be outside longer this year; they will be out for almost 100 minutes.”

According to Mrs. Chesney, students should wear “anything comfortable.” She explained that students should wear socks and sneakers, and everything must comply with the dress code. “And also be sure to wear sunscreen”, she added. You are allowed to “wear a baseball hat outside” if you want to “shade your face.”

“Students can bring their own water bottle, but if they don’t, there are big jugs of water and ice tea and cups to drink throughout the day,” stated Mrs. Chesney.

All activities are free so no money is required! It’s going to be fun! The schedule will consist of:

6th Grade:8:35-10:20

7th Grade:10:20-12:05

8th Grade:12:07-1:50