The MLB is Finally here and Swinging Away

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Tyler Weber and Josh Ruck

The MLB is exciting right now, and I happen to see a lot of teams doing well, but a handful of teams aren’t doing as well.

WMS has a few MLB fans, one of the biggest being Mr. Murphy. Even though he wasn’t the best when he played baseball, he still loves the sport.

Murphy is a former season ticket holder for the Mets. Two years ago he was coaching for the middle school team, and they won the championship.

Even though Murphy likes the game, there are a couple of teams that he doesn’t like too much. Murphy “hates” the Philadelphia Phillies and he also has hate for Yankee fans too. Coming from a New York Yankees fan, we don’t support the mets that much either.

When he was a kid he liked to watch David Wright. Wright began his career when Murphy was only 11 and Wright was the guy to watch. Now he watches Mike Trout when he has the chance. Even though he thinks it’s an “early pick”, Murphy thinks that George Springer will get the MVP award because Trout is on one of the worst teams in the American League. He thinks that that Christian Yelich will be MVP again for the National League too.

Murphy doesn’t have much faith in the Mets and he said “they are not going to the playoffs, they can barely get 80 wins”. But Murphy does have faith in the Colorado Rockies. Murphy likes Coors Field, home of the Colorado Rockies. Murphy also likes Nolan Arenado, the Rockies third baseman and probably the best third baseman in the league .      

Mr. Thomson,  is also an avid fan of the MLB. He coaches our middle school team and he won the championship last year. His favorite team is the Atlanta Braves. He loves most teams, but he hates the Mets and their fans, he didn’t say why so it will just be a mystery. I’m sure we hate the Braves just as much.

Mr. Thomson loves a lot of players but his favorite of all time is Chipper Jones and he loves the current Braves first baseman Freddie Freeman. Everybody has their predictions for MVP; my predictions are Cody Bellinger and George Springer. Mr. Thomson disagrees with both of my predictions he thinks Christian Yelich and J.D Martinez will win MVP this year.

Chris Milevoi, a 6th grader at WMS, loves the Yankees and he hates the Red Sox. His favorite player of all time is Derek Jeter and he loves the current Yankee right fielder Aaron Judge. His MVP predictions are Christian Yelich and George Springer.

Milevoi thinks that the Yankees will make it to the first round of the playoffs and then lose in it. Even though the Oakland Athletics are seven and a half games back Chris still thinks that they are going to win the World Series. It’s a bold guess, but they have a great bullpen and a great third baseman Matt Chapman.

Jack Brenner is a seventh grade student and he plays for the middle school baseball team. Even though he doesn’t watch baseball that much he still knows a lot about it and he likes to play MLB The Show, which is a baseball video game.

When Brenner has the time, he watches baseball and he likes to root for the Mets. As usual, most of the Mets fans don’t like the Yankees, but Brenner does like a player that played in pinstripes, but he was on the White Sox not the Yankees. He liked Frank Thomas.

Brenner thinks that George Springer is going to win MVP for the American League. But Brenner doesnt think Christian Yelich is going to play like this all year, so he thinks that Cody Bellinger is going to win it for the National League.

Brenner doesn’t think the Mets are going to make it to the playoffs because he hears that they are losing a lot. But Brenner does think that the Houston Astros are going to win the World Series again for the second time in franchise history.

My[Josh Ruck] favorite team is the Mets, but I don’t think they are going to make the playoffs and I’m not hopeful. My favorite player of all time is David Wright. My favorite current player is Pete Alonso. I think the Dodgers are going to win the world series and Cody Bellinger and George Springer are going to win MVPs this year.

My[Tyler Weber] favorite team is the New York Yankees. They have the number one spot in the AL East. Even though they are three games ahead, I  think they can still hold it, unless the team goes into a huge slump and the Boston Red Sox that are six games back take the number two spot and the Yankees go to the number three.

They have a chance at the championship, but the chances aren’t that big. They can definitely beat the Astros but from how it’s looking they might not be able to beat the Dodgers if they make it to the championship.