The Phenomenal Series of Harry Potter

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Deisy Rojas, Spring Author

The Harry Potter series is one of the bestselling books around the world to this day. The author, J.K Rowling started brainstorming and writing the outline of Harry Potter in 1990.

Harry Potter, the protagonist of the story, is a boy who lives with his aunt and uncle who hate him. Harry then finds out that he is a wizard and the story unravels from there. When it finished, I felt torn apart because it was and is the best books I have ever read.

Many students like to read the Harry Potter series. Anvita Sinha ,a WMS student stated, “The Harry Potter series is a really interesting series. It takes the whole magical world and makes an entirely new world out of it, one can almost believe in.” Sinha says that she “really likes it”. Sinha says that it feels “bittersweet” now that the series has ended.\

Like Sinha, Karola Ortiz also likes the Harry Potter series. She said, “The Harry Potter series was basically my childhood.” Now that the Harry Potter series has ended she feels like it ended “well” but that she would change some things. The Cursed Child came out and many are criticizing it. Ortiz said, “I felt good how the series ended. So when I heard there was a new book, I didn’t want to open a new chapter.”

I would rate the entire series a 10/10. It’s full of adventure and it deals with your own imagination to make it come alive. The way I would rate the books is in the order from one through seven. The first book was full of inspiration, but going through the rest of the series, it was more full of adventure.

Harry Potter has been a phenomenal series and impacted many lives, including mine. It’s upsetting that it ended, but it was a great ending. The fact that Harry Potter was created on scraps of paper and made into seven books, plus the second generation, shows that the author strives to entertain young readers. The series was a great one and always will be.