“Always Be Good To Yourself”


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Yazziray Ruiz, Spring Author

Do what you love because you love it and not anyone else. Enjoy what you do as long as you have family that supports what you do. If it makes you happy, then do it because no one is going to be happy off your success.

It is important to understand that not everyone has your best interest in mind.  Sometimes people you think are your friends are actually here to see you lose, not to see you win.  This means you should stay true to yourself, not what others think of you.

Also,enjoy what you have because it can be gone in a second. Make yourself happy and don’t try to impress everyone else. When you try to impress, you try to get attention, you may get your attention, but people could see you as a joke and can usually see that you are not being authentic. Be yourself don’t be who you think is “better” or who you think is “perfect”.