Baking Vanilla Cake Pops with Maddie

Baking Vanilla Cake Pops with Maddie

Madison Rackett, Spring Editor

Ingredients :

      • package vanilla cake mix
      • 1 container prepared vanilla frosting
      • White coating chocolate
      • Cake pop sticks

Instructions :

    • Prepare cake as said on packaging.
    • Let cake cool, once cooled crumble the cake into fine pieces.
    • Add cooled cake and and frosting into a bowl(add frosting a spoonful at a time and then mix together).
    • Once the mixture looks dense but not gooey you can take an ice cream scooper and start shaping the cake pops into balls.
    • Set the cake pops aside and grab a microwave safe bowl and your melting chocolate. Add the chocolate into the bowl and melt.
    • Now grab one cake pop stick at a time and dip the stick into the melting chocolate and stick it into a cake pop. Then place the cake pop on a lined baking pan.
    • After all the cake pops are assembled put them into the refrigerator for about 20 minutes.
    • Once cooled melt down some more melting chocolate and then dip the cake pops into the chocolate so there is a thin coat.
    • Once you covered all the cake pops, let then harden in the fridge.
    • Then enjoy!