Choose Love, Not Hate

Photo labeled for non-commercial reuse via Under the Creative Commons Liscence

Photo labeled for non-commercial reuse via Under the Creative Commons Liscence

Trisha Castro-Aguilar, Spring Editor

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*Pronouns have been flopped occasionally in order to keep interviews anonymous due to anonymous purposes*

Bullying is a main struggle when it comes to kids such as teenagers and it makes beautiful souls feel unwanted. Many kids don’t know how to cope with this and it makes them feel woeful. You can prevent bullying in many ways.

¾ students that I interviewed anonymously have experienced bullying.

One student said that they solved it by just letting the bully talk because it didn’t really bother her. The student let them state their opinion. The reason why he thinks he got bullied is because she stands out and gets a lot of attention and people don’t really like that. Unfortunately, he has been the bully before because she gets angry easily and wasn’t going to have anyone talk about her. “Going to someone you trust can be a way to help solve getting bullied”, he said.

Another student said she had been bullied as a result of her ethnicity.,  She didn’t do anything, but ignored it. He claims that he wasn’t the bully, but she said, “not that I know of.” She said that to stop getting bullied, “just ignore it.”

Another beautiful soul experienced cyberbullying several times in the past. The student said it was because “some people want to be rude and do stuff like that.” She just let it “hit [her]” and eventually got used to it. He has been a bully before, but then he stopped. “Be nice to others and keep your opinions to yourself,” she said.

This student didn’t experience bullying because he was confident in himself.  She said that the main reason people get bullied is because they’re “different.” He’s never been the bully before.

All of these students have the general idea of how to avoid getting bullied, but I have some other ways too. You can make friends everyday; be open and don’t be shy. It’s okay if you’re shy but you should consider being open to have many friends. Also, never show you’re weak around the bully or else he/she will pick on you. Make eye contact at all times and overall, and be confident in yourself.