WIRED- Toilet Plunger-Butter Knife


Michael Thomas

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Michael Thomas, Spring Editor

When this invention gets mainstream, the Toilet Plunger-Butter Knife company will be bigger than Apple.

Use: Let’s say you have been spending more time in the bathroom than usual, a really long time, but at the same time you’re dying for a piece of toast. Well, it would be dumb to just have a butter knife in your bathroom. Put one and one together you have an award-winning invention.

Why it’s weird: Yes, most people would find this weird but to me, this will be the new norm. This invention will revolutionize the plumbing game, along with the butter spreading game at the same time.

Would I buy: Along with buying five for every bathroom in my house, I hold 25% of the stock for this brilliant, spectacular invention. The world better get ready for Toilet Plunger-Butter Knife Mania.