Warriors work with the Spelling Bee


Photo via https://www.goodfreephotos.com/vector-images/bumble-bee-vector-files.png.php

Aidan Miller, Spring Author

The WTSD Middle School Spelling Bee is set for May 15th in the auditorium of Woodbridge High School.

Mrs. Nemeth is in charge of the spelling bee event at Woodbridge Middle. Mrs. Nemeth said that when everyone makes it to the final level, they go to the Woodbridge High School to go against the other schools in Woodbridge District.

This year most of the students from 7th grade said they were“nervous” about the whole thing. For example, a student named Megan Boyle said, “I did not practice at all; I was hoping to lose because it was really boring.”  But also some students were really proud of themselves. Megan said “ I was really proud of myself because i never won one of these competition.”

Lucas Arias from 7th grade explained that he “was not expecting it at all”. Sarah Rasimowicz from 7th grade explained that she was “really nervous and holds back [her] nerves”. It is surprising that not everyone has a technique of remembering a word. Sarah said, “I just pictured it in my head.”

Make sure to go support the Warriors at the next competition at the Woodbridge High School on May 15th at 6:00 pm.