Shiny and shimmering: The February STAR Students


Mrs. Valente

February STAR Students

Andrew Jones and Josh Ruck

In the month of February, there were thirteen students who showed great respect, responsibility, and integrity. This earned them the STAR Student award for that month.

“I look up to my brother because he’s an good student and gets good grades,” said, 6th grader, Addison Calebres is confident that she can win again.

It was Ariel Perez’s first time earning STAR, and he said that his father inspired him to be his very best. Ariel loves the Ping-Pong tournaments in Gym.

7th graders Jeffrey De Leon Vaca, Gianna Graffeo-Seda, Bailey Casinova, and Amily Decena were “honestly surprised” that they had won. They believe that they can eventually earn the title again.

Gianna Graffeo-Seda said “it felt good to win and get recognized” Nisha Hodgins was “surprised and excited at the same time.” They both achieved the STAR Student award by having an article that they had collaborated on accepted to the Best of SNO website, which is the National School News Online journalism site.

Chloe Monsanto also achieved this accolade, but also earned STAR for teaching a poetry lesson alongside Caroline Ruiz to Mr. Malmstrom’s Language Arts class. Sarah Rasimowicz, who was in the language arts class as the lesson was being thought said, “Caroline and Chloe really opened up my eyes about poetry and helped my writing evolve.”

Gianna Graffeo-Seda, Jeffrey De Leon Vaca, and Amlily Decena said they enjoy the positive energy at WMS, the benevolent people, & the overall great atmosphere.

Alejandro Yanez said it “felt unbelievavble to win.” He earned the award by helping a teacher pick up her papers she dropped. Yanez wasn’t sure if he deserved it, but he felt honored to win and hopes he wins again.

The Journalism team says thank you to all of our wonderful STAR Students of February!