The Naruto series: Why is it so popular?

Photo via under the Creative Commons License

Photo via under the Creative Commons License

Sydney Di Cosimo, Fall Author

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With help from Naruto lovers at WMS, I have set out to analyze by how it’s developed to see why it’s popular. I found that difference in opinion and differences from season to season are what keep fans coming back.

Naruto lovers explained the series was different from the first season to the last. Jeffrey, a dedicated fan, said the he felt “that the differences between the two seasons are pretty obvious because of the strength differences between the characters.” Anvita, a seventh grader, said, “The first season was very suspenseful. We were getting new characters left and right without knowing of their true intentions. However, the last season was mainly everything coming up to a standstill; Naruto had to take everything he learned and use it while not letting his hope go out.”

Jeffrey, again, explained that the plot was “slow but rising”. He explained that it was important so Naruto could grow up the way he did, so he could save the world. Sherry, another fan, said that her “favorite scene was when Kakashi was holding the bell test and seemed he was about to fail them but instead passed them”.

The opinions of all Naruto fans are different. For example, Anvita thinks that “Neji was a well-developed character. So was Obito. While Obito was an antagonist he had good reasons for losing faith in humanity. Neji grew from believing the future was predetermined to giving up his life for a comrade.” Meanwhile, Sherry thinks that the best character is Gaara “because he had a bad past and turned slightly evil but because of Naruto, he turned into a good person who is inspirational.”

When asked why she like the anime, Anvita said, “(I) believe that Naruto is an extremely diverse anime. While its has it’s flaws, the sheer detail in it’s world is alluring. Most of the characters have their own distinct personality and appreciate that.”

Naruto is so popular because in most fans opinions the series is very diverse and suspenseful. Would you watch it?

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