Anime smashes the USA by storm



Victoria Roca, Fall Author

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Anime is a Japanese style animation aimed for adults as well as children to enjoy. Over the years anime has endeared itself to the American culture and people can’t get enough of it.

People in the anime community came together as one to show people that this Japanese style animation has meaning to it, in other words, it’s not just an average animation.  In this case, the audience can relate, cry, and laugh.

An example of anime’s positive influence on American citizens is Blaine Hodge, a 27-year-old local artist, was the only one who stepped in when people realized that the suspect at a local coffee shop was carrying a deadly weapon. The suspect was an ex-boyfriend of a women in that coffee shop.

Hodge stepped in trying to get the attacker away from the women; his friend Joe Harris stated in that while “everyone else was running away, he was the first person to run straight to the action,” Harris proceeded “He was like, ‘I’m going to stop this guy, regardless if I get stabbed or not. I can’t let this woman die.”

Hodge suffered injuries from the attack, but came out okay, the women also survived as well. The hero’s inspiration to do good was from his favorite anime show “My Hero Academia,” where he did became a hero also this story is from

Furthermore, restaurants and other business are also getting on the anime train. Selling little figurines with their meals and selling merch from popular anime shows and movies at tremendous prices.Nevertheless, people spend their money on whatever they could get their hands on to show their love for their favorite Anime.

To prove this, the YouTube personality Joey the Anime Man says he’d lay down USD$5000- 8000 for a half-size figurine of Kaneda with his bike from an anime Akira.  

Thus, there are so many people who are interested in anime nowadays that they have their own stories to share and their own opinions about the anime world. Jeffrey Deleon Vaca, Chantse Robinson, and Daisy Rojas are WMS students that are entrenched in the anime world and had shared how anime has influenced them.

Deleon Vaca stated, “there are so many different possibilities and characters,” Deleon Vaca continued “and how there are so many different characters and there is a diversity between characters that have strength and no strength, but there is that sense of ‘I like this character without them being so overpowering’.”

Robinson also made his feelings clear about anime and commented that anime “has awesome shows, great graphics, it’s amazing, there are different types of anime,” Robinson proceeded with his case, “anything can happen in the show and there are as many shows as you could watch.”

However, Rojas stated that the art style is what caught her eye, Rojas said she “really likes the drawing style” of anime and she is not alone. Many people all over the globe got into Anime because of its artwork and many people are influenced by it. Sometimes the artwork can be a replica from that anime show or even better than the original.

The anime community also talks about how they got into anime in the first place. Some people got into anime through their family members; Robinson and Deleon Vaca got into anime by family members as well. Robinson was introduced by “[his] mom” and Deleon Vaca’s introduction to anime was his cousin who “has been watching Anime since she came to America.”

Furthermore, people also get introduced to anime with the help of friends; Rojas stated that “some of [her] friends introduce” her to the funny anime shows that we all love today.

In addition, there are a rapid amount of people so into anime nowadays that it does make more connections with people. Deleon Vaca commented that “it definitely does” bring people together and “you can meet so many new people and what they watch and elaborate on that.”

Although that may be true, others may think that it brings more family members closer together. Rojas says that “if it’s a family type, then yes.” But by the end of the day, we all come back to our ideal source of endearment.                          

As a result, anime catches the good in people and brings them together even if they only have a penny left in their bank accounts. A hefty amount of people agree that it’s a good thing that anime is more involved in the US more than ever and should keep their doors and minds open for more creations and for more heroes to come.    

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