WMS Baseball Team Gets Ready for Playoffs

Katie Joe, Fall Editor

The Woodbridge Middle School Warriors were 4-3 heading into the playoffs.

Center fielder Aidan Castro, one of the 8th graders on the team, explained the strengths of the team, “amazing fielding and great hitting”.

He continued,“we are all happy that we are in the playoffs we just need to keep throwing strikes”. Castro continued to explain what differences there were between this year and last year, “Last year we had more power because the kids were bigger but that doesn’t stop us from doing a great job”.

Another 8th grader on the team Ty Kobylakiewicz gave his opinion on the team saying, “We started off strong and towards the end we did not hit and we were striking out and now we think that we can beat Colonia and Iselin”. Kobylakiewicz said, “We’re the team to beat.” Kobylakiewicz added how they “have a lot of heart this year and the kids are smaller physically” Kobylakiewicz favorite part about going to games are “representing the school and hoping we win”.

Kaelyb Barahona, the first baseman, said his favorite part of going to the games are just ”playing and having fun”. Barahona said “I  like being an 8th grader and helping”.

Brian Cantalupo, a 7th grader on the team, said that “everyone on the team is my friend”. He also said that before the championship “we need to make less errors ”. He added that, “My team is doing good, I like the team”.

Izaak Sacred Promise, the team manager and motivational speaker, said “I love watching the team score, all you have to do is stay focused, and keep throwing and swinging.” He added, “I think my team can do better before championships”.

Coach Thomson said ”My team improved every game, we are young; there are 9 seventh graders and 5 eighth graders, but the future is bright ”.