The April TOTM is here!


Ms. Torella

Mr. Malmstrom posing with his prize.

Michael Thomas, Spring Author

With the month of April gone by its Teacher of the Month time.


For the month of April the students has chosen Mr. Malmstrom for the 7th grade. He says he doesn’t know why the students picked him but he is honored.


If you are not aware, Mr. Malmstrom is a Language Arts and Journalism teacher. He says that at first teachers wanted to do their own new paper but he thought teachers are already too “busy”, so he started it for the kids.


He got the name The Warrior Messenger because our school’s team are the Warriors, and the messenger part pays tribute to a paper called The Messenger that Edgar Allan Poe was an editor for.


His claim is that his favorite part about teaching is “to create good experiences”. He wants students to “feel better about themselves” in his classroom. He also wants to help them to decide what they want to do with their life.


“It is important to be patient, understanding, and flexible,” That is how Mr. Malmstrom says a teacher should act. He says being to strict dehumanises you but he has standers for his kids to follow.


In high school Mr. Malmstrom wanted to be a writer, “I was good at English”. But he got into finance in college;  following in his parents footsteps because both of his parents were investment bankers. When he was in college he got some internships, but didn’t enjoy “being in a cubical all day.”


After that, he did volunteer work in Newark. When he was there he saw an award ceremony where students of Newark picked a teacher that inspired them. That gave him inspiration.


That inspired him because even in a rough town like Newark teachers still get appreciated and it showed him the impact a teacher can have on the lives of young people.  


“A lot of ups and downs” says Mr. Malmstrom about being a New York Giants fan. He says he’s lucky to see the 2008 Super Bowl, he adds that it was one of the best Super Bowls of all time. Adding to that he also liked seeing the Giants beating The New England Patriots in 2012.