The biggest event in Twitch history


Photo via the Creative Commons License

Nick Avila, Spring Author

Ninja, aka Tyler Blevins, held an event in Las Vegas, which gave people the chance to eliminate Ninja and get $2,500 for each elimination. So, basically, everyone had a chance to get some cash if they eliminated ninja which made the players on their best game.

There had been a total of nine games and Ninja only won 1 out of those nine games,  which is actually good, since he was under pressure from the amount of hype surrounding his name. Every game, a bounty was set on Ninja, which gave everyone in the game a chance to earn some cash.  Each bounty was worth $5,000 with $2,500 going to the winner and another $2,500 bounty awarded to anyone that eliminates Ninja from the game.

There was a total of $50,000 on the line. Ninja broke records again and had even more views than his old stream with Drake, JuJu Smith, and Travis Scott with 680,000 viewers watching his event.

Many pro players flew out to Las Vegas to play up against the Fortnite “God” and have a chance to win. Many players such as Myth, and Dr.Lubo came out to play and   commentate the event who are known for streaming Fortnite and playing with Ninja. Myth tried to go up against Ninja in his event but sadly he fell of the map due to a glitch when the player edited the floor which launched him off the map.

This was Ninja’s first event and it did really well and Ninja said that he had a good time and thanked everyone who came out to the event and he hopes to see gamers next time in a new event that is coming soon.