Until Dawn

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Until Dawn

Photo via Until Dawn. PS4. 1080.P. Full Gameplay. http://under Creative Commons License

Photo via Until Dawn. PS4. 1080.P. Full Gameplay. http://under Creative Commons License

Photo via Until Dawn. PS4. 1080.P. Full Gameplay. http://under Creative Commons License

Photo via Until Dawn. PS4. 1080.P. Full Gameplay. http://under Creative Commons License

Jozalyn Zape, Spring author

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How The Story Begins:

Hanna liked Mike, but at the time mike was dating Emily.  Emily got “jelly’’ so she pulled a prank on Hanna while Emily was filming.  When Hanna found out Sam, Ashley, Mike, Jess, Chris, and Matt was behind the prank Hanna ran away.  Beth (Hanna and Josh’s sister) chased after to find her sitting on the floor in the middle of the woods, but all along someone, something was following them.  They were running as fast as they could when they reached a cliff. Hanna slipped and pulled Beth but held a tree branch someone with a flamethrower tried to help by grabbing their hand but they both fell anyway and died by falling onto a sharp rock and hitting their spine.


A totem (in this case) is an animal carved out of wood.  When you look into it you will see a character’s death or a tip of what to and not to do.

Black totem means death, try to prevent the characters death.  

Red totem means warning, try to find out what will cause the warning/it might cause death.

Brown totem means loss, a tragedy death of a friend. Yellow totem means guidance, do what it tells you its guiding you.  White totem means fortune, do what it tells you it’s a tip

(When your character looks into the totem and sees his/her friend dies he/she won’t hesitate.)

Your choice and Butterfly effect:

This game will have decisions, quick button clicking, and no moving your controller.  Once you move the character will get found will and most likely die. You might have 1 second or as much time as you need.  The wrong decisions might lead you to get injured or killed. Sometimes the wrong decisions might affect you later; the butterfly effect.  The butterfly effect is a cause and effect. For an example, if a butterfly gets crushed or flutters it’s wings a million years ago, that small event will create a “ripple” effect that will alter the course of time.


Sam is Hannahs best friend, Sam is smart and adveturous.  Josh is Hannah and Beth’s brother.  Later in the game, Josh gets revenge on everyone because he thinks the deaths are everyone’s fault.  Ashley and Chris like each other, but Chris has two big decision on his hand. Matt’s dating Emily. No one really likes Emily because she is mean and only cares about herself  while Matt is a jock. Mike is dating Jess. Jess gets captured by a Wendigo and might die as a result of your decisions.  There is also a therapist who asks you your fears and little by little adds each fear into the room.  For example, if you are scared of spiders, clowns, and heights he’ll add a spider in a jar, a clown statue, and heights floor paper. Last but not least there is a flamethrower guy in the beginning and towards the ending.  His name is Jack. Toward the end Jack tries to help Chris, but Jack was killed by a Wendigo.  That is one of the point were Chris could die if your not quick enough.


A Wendigo is a monster that can only see people move, if you don’t move they won’t see you.  Its very, very hard to kill a Wendigo,It takes a long time.At the end of the game Hannah was the Wendigo the whole time because they both had a butterfly tattoo on there right shoulder.  Then Josh turns into a Wendigo and no one knows how.

My Opinion:

I love this game and the little jump scares, plus the therapist adds a whole twist to the game, and how graphic it is, but what I think could get fixed is the language because I have to wear headphones to play because of my little sister.  I understand other players are in high school, but they could at least give a warning. I also like how the only way the Wendigo will see you is if you move and play as a different character.   My favorite part of the whole game are the choices you get, to choose what side you want to be on.