The battle is approaching:Fortnite vs PUBG

photo via under the creative commons lisence

Nick Avila, spring author

Fortnite is a popular game that blasted off in the year of late 2017 to early 2018 that has more players trying the game each day. But on the other hand, there is another battle royale game called Players Unknown Battlegrounds, (PUBG for short) which has become a rival to Fortnite. Fortnite has 45 million players while PUBG has 3 million at the moment.   

Compared to PUBG, Fortnite made more revenue in February with $126 million rather then PUBG with $103 million according to an article from gamespot.

 Fortnite made a lot of money from the battle pass from season 2 and 3. The battle pass is a pass that allows players to grind and level up in tiers and when you get to tier 100 you can a skin called the Reaper which is basically John Wick. And also another reason Fortnite makes a lot of money is from the item shop. The item shop is virtual shop that you can skins for your charter the item shop comes out with new skins everyday at 7:pm.  And PUBG has skins but you can only obtain them from crates which you need a key to open, Which you need to buy as well.

PUBG graphics compared to Fortnite are worse. PUBG is a  steam(a shop where you buy games on PC) game that cost $30, while Fortnite is early access(you get to play the game before it is released) game out and has way better graphics. The reason is because they have been working on the game longer than PUBG.

In the two games weapons are a major priority and there are always weapons that are better than others. In Fortnite, there is a rarity(the state or quality of being rare) of weapons such as white, green, blue, purple, and yellow. The colors represent how good the gun is and it gives the weapon a boost of damage, for example, the yellow rarity is the best, but not all guns can become yellow, only some of them. In PUBG there is no color of rarity only guns such as a scar-h, m4, and a kar98k. In PUBG there are scopes you can put on certain guns, which makes it easier to snipe people from a distance. The best scope is a 8 times scope which makes you see the farthest and the worst is the 2 times scope which does not let you see the farthest.

Streamers are very important when it comes to games because they help grow the platform larger and larger and the developers sponsor them and give them money for each person who downloads the game using their code. The streamers also give out updates about what is happening to the game. Fortnite gets an update almost every week while PUBG gets an update around every month. Most streamers have left PUBG and gone to Fortnite while some stayed and are hoping that PUBG can make a comeback and get overall more players then Fortnite.

A Couple reasons that I think Fortnite passed PUBG is because Fortnite is on all platforms while PUBG is only on pc and I don’t think everyone can afford a $1,000 to $7,000 gaming computer. And I also think it has to do with streamers who play the game every day such as Ninja (aka Tyler Blevins) Ninja has a popular following and has

5,685,597 Twitch followers 135,401,927 total views as of right now. With all those views comes money so Ninja makes on average $350,000 a month just from playing Fortnite. Another streamer streams PUBG and his name is shroud he makes roughly 3 million a year. He has 2,996,607 Twitch followers and 129,489,320 total twitch viewers. They both stick with a game and try to make as much people buy and play a game. Fortnite might come to an end because PUBG is trying to sue Fortnite for stealing the Battle Royale type game, but I do not think that is going to happen because they will have to sue every battle royale game such as H1Z1, rules of survival, and ARK I don’t think PUBG will win the sue.