Spiking into the season


Kayla Choice

WMS VOLLEYBALL CLUB: 7th and 8th grade students getting ready for the volleyball season.

Kayla Choice, Spring Author

Volleyball Club at WMS started Feb 7,2018 and ended Feb 22,2018.It occurs every Wednesday and Thursday of February and it is ran by Ms.Traschetti and Mr.Blasena.Volleyball Club is to help learn basic skills of the sport and getting a little practice before volleyball tryouts start.

When asked two students ‘what made you want to join volleyball club?’,Cristina McNish stated “I want to try out for the team” when Laura Tobias tagged in and reported “I also wanted to try out for the volleyball team”

Afterwards asking two more students that were in volleyball club ‘did anyone inspire you to join or tell you to join volleyball club?’. Sanaii Williamson commented “No,I just really like the sport,and I think it will really help my if I make the volleyball team.” Samirrah Ortiz said “No, I love the sport and I wanted to join on my own.”

After the interview Williamson and Ortiz both said that they hope they make the team and everyone tries their hardest! Williamson said she hopes the best for everyone.