The positions

Grace Terrell and Tracey Freier

One of the first things you should know when stepping into a ballet class, is probably the positions. Each position can be used as a starting point or transition step during jumps and turns. We’ll start out with 1st.


1st Position: You can begin parallel, then keeping your heels together just slide you feet away from each other.

2nd Position: You can simply just open your legs from 1st, remaining turned out.

3rd Position: Start from 1st and slide one heel to the center of the opposite foot.

4th Position: Just slide which ever foot you choose to the front, making sure they remain turned out.

5th Position: Slide your feet back together from 4th, putting your front heel to the toes of your back foot.

 These positions are used constantly throughout every type of dance, and are largely used in warm ups for ballet.