The 6th grade Teacher of the Month of February is…

Michael Thomas, Spring Author

For the bitter cold winter month of February there could only be one 6th grade Teacher of the Month, science teacher Mrs. Gallagher.

The Teacher of the Month award is a great honor and privilege to win. During the course of the interview she added that she had no clue she had won until the first block when a student “proclaimed” to her that she has won the covenant award, congratulating her to.

Mrs. Gallagher was honored to be crowned Teacher of the Month, and for the students of Woodbridge Middle School 6th grade class to pick her.

Mrs. Gallagher explained why she feels she has an impact on her students, “I had more students this year and the subject that I teach, we also do a lot of labs.” After that statement she said that the labs “helped” out a whole lot.

The reason why Mrs. Gallagher became a science teacher is thanks to her 4th grade teacher Mrs. Bumble. She said she “loved” that teacher and that’s the reason why she became a science teacher. Her favorite subject is chemistry, “It’s definitely chem.”

Mrs. Gallagher coaches high school softball and tells she “can’t get enough of it”. She played when she was child, growing up, and played while she was attending college.

On the historical event of SpaceX she said she “very much enjoyed it”. She commented, “It’s like our time’s moon landing.” Before the SpaceX launched she never thought that there would be a real car in outer space.

Mrs. Gallagher has shaped her way in the rich history of Woodbridge Middle School by winning the Teacher of the Month award and like every other award winner will be remembered for classes to come.