January 26, 2018


Google Labeled for Reuse Photo via https://commons.m.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Luna_Moth_by_Joey.jpg under the Creative Commons License

1. 10% of Europeans are naturally immune to the HIV virus due to a genetic mutation.

2. Playing a *moderate* amount of video games is actually good for you. It boosts your memory and multitasking skills, can help those with dyslexia, increases coordination, and reduces stress.

3. There’s a migraine medication (Sumatriptan) that can actually cause some people’s blood to turn dark green when taken in large does. It causes something called sulfhaemoglobinaemia which basically means there’s sulphur in your hemoglobin.

4. People actually avoid information that threatens their happiness and worldview.

5. Luna moths have no mouths. Once they emerge from their cocoon, they have a 7 day lifespan during which they mate and then starve to death.