Weekly Words of Advice #8

Janese Lewis, Fall Editor

The internet is a great thing. You can use it for research, finding recipes, watching movies, and even checking out your favorite Youtubers. Over the course of years, we’ve been exposed to social media. Social media sites include Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. These platforms are great for finding new friends, sharing pictures, and learning about important events. But are we using it too much? When’s the last time you had a deep conversation with your friends or family without technology present? If you have to think about it, there’s a problem. Technology has consumed a little too much of our lives. We’re spending less and less time with the people around us and slowly becoming anti-social. People don’t live forever. Life’s limited and you unfortunately never know when you’ve reached the limit. Technology gets more advanced everyday. It’s not going anywhere. You won’t miss anything. But what you definitely don’t want to miss, are the memories and stories. Put your phone down for a few hours and go outside. Get from in front of the TV, and hang out with your friends. Play a family board game. Your world isn’t your phone, and your phone doesn’t have to be such a huge part of your world.