Weekly Words of Advice #8

Janese Lewis, Fall Editor

You cant expect to have a new beginning if you continue your current habits. We constantly talk about making changes and bettering ourselves, but when are we really going to put those words to action? A new beginning requires dedication, effort, and ambition. Dedicate your time and effort to the changes you want to make in your life. Having ambition to create changes in your life will give you the drive and energy you need to make them. If you’re really serious about changing, set goals for yourself. Challenge yourself to be even better than you were yesterday. Plan for the future as if success is definite. Live morally, when no ones there to witness. Make decisions to be proud of. Wake up each morning determined to change for the better. End each night knowing you’re even closer to that goal. Goals without actions are just bright ideas. Applying yourself to bettering your lifestyle keeps you occupied and focused on the future. If you want a better life, go out and get it. Actions speak better than words? Prove it. Challenge yourself to do what you’ve been putting off for years. Make the change! Start your new beginning.