Super Mario Odyssey Review

Jayden Pena

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Super Mario Odyssey is the new 2017 sandbox Mario game for Nintendo Switch.
Super Mario Odyssey starts off with a scene of Mario battling Bowser, the classic antagonist, and Bowser kidnaps Princess Peach. Mario falls of the ship and he loses his hat then his hat gets shredded by the ship’s fins. Cappy, the hat that is featured in the game, finds his hat then finds Mario and that is how their adventure begins. I think that this is an amazing introduction to a game. The game shows, in depth, what happens so that the player understands the main objective of the game.
Super Mario Odyssey has 17 kingdoms in the game, which you unlock by collecting power moons for the odyssey. Power moons are unlocked by doing obstacles, fighting bosses, and completing objectives. Throughout the game’s kingdoms, there are stores where you can buy souvenirs, clothing for Mario to wear, and power ups and moons. In the game there is a 2D world on walls, which is amazing as it represents the classic game.
I believe that this creates a good enticing story for the game that will leave the player with surprises. Although I believe the game should have something other than the story for people who beat the game. The 2D world does an amazing job showing original Mario concepts but they could be longer.
Cappy can “capture” enemies or objects to help Mario or himself complete the obstacle. Cappy can also damage enemies and pave the way across poisonous hazards on the ground. Cappy can be used to collect coins and to transport using power lines. I think Cappy is an amazing addition to the game as he gives the games more possibilities. Without cappy in the game, the game would not be as interesting and creative.
Mario is a game that will always be legendary and will never die. I give the game a 9.5 out of 10 as this has been my favorite Mario game. Mario is a modernizing game that will stay for many more generations as it has been a mainstay for previous generations. Super Mario Odyssey is a great sandbox game because there are so many options of what to do as a sandbox game should have.