iPhone 8: Does it have what it takes?

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iPhone 8: Does it have what it takes?

iPhone 8 vs iPhone 7

iPhone 8 vs iPhone 7

iPhone 8 vs iPhone 7

iPhone 8 vs iPhone 7

Patryk Duda, Fall Author

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Technology improves rapidly. We use our phones for daily life and even school! I am writing this article because people want to find out which phone is perfect for them. This year the iPhone 8 came out. It is not a big difference from the iphone 7. Here are the major differences:    


The major difference is the glass back. The display is unchanged and the iPhone 8 is a little bit taller than the iphone 7. iPhone 8 is 7% heavier than the 7.  I think that this is a good improvement because you don’t have to do so much work plugging the cord in the actual phone.                                  


Apple appeared with wireless charging for the 8. While fast charging, iPhone 8 can charge up to 50% is approximately 30 minutes. iPhone 7 doesn’t offer these features. This is good because when you need your phone fast, you can get it fast.


iPhone 8 and 7 still have Touch ID. While the iPhone X has a face recognition feature,

iPhone 8 and 7  don’t have that. This isn’t that interesting because we have these in previous devices.


Graphic performance is up to 30% faster. Multitasking is up to 70% faster, which is great when using it to hop through different applications. I think that this isn’t a major change because the previous iPhones were just fine.


iPhone 8 comes with a 12 megapixel wide-angle and with a 7 megapixel front view camera. This is a key difference in big photographers like my uncle because the display is better. My uncle travels to California to take photos of nature and interesting tourist attractions.


iPhone 8’s A11 chip is reportedly 25% faster than the 7. This can be a big difference for some people but not for me.


Although the iPhone 8 has better features than the 7, it also comes with a big price tag:

iPhone 8: $699 (64GB), $849 (256GB)

iPhone 7: $549 (32GB), $649 (128GB) The price is fine I guess, but, hey, you can’t really argue with that.

After asking my dad if the iPhone 8 is better than the iPhone 7, he responded, ”I use my phone for work and it is way faster than the iPhone 7. Multitasking is great and wireless charging is a main difference in this new phone.”

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