New school system injects positivity


Noemi Grande

PBSIS the Warrior Way: bucket of positivity

Noemi Grande, Fall Editor

Winners of the first year PBSIS picking

P.B.S.I.S. stands for Positive Behavior System In Schools.The system has been installed in schools across the country. There are 60 middle schools who employ the program in order to improve student behavior.

The reward drawing was organized in front of the office where there is a gigantic bucket that every grade puts their tickets in.They could win a gift card, lunch basketball, and food.The tickets represent good behavior and is a reward to most students.The picking was random and was done before first block.

The winners of 6th grade were Julian Gonzalez and Anaya Muhammad. Muhammad thinks what students should be helping others to earn a ticket, she said, “help,do something nice for a person.” She also thinks to “help even when someone is not looking.” Gonzalez won his tickets through hard work in math class. When his name was announced, he was surprised and didn’t think he was going to win.

The winners for 7th grade were Jade Stetson and Ananya Krishnan. When the system was first announced Stetson said “It was good starting a new school system.” She went on to explain that other schools should have the system because it “enforces some sense of right and wrong”. Krishnan stated a way we could promote PBSIS, “Have activities to promote good behavior, and more rewards.” Rewards such as bikes, chromebooks, and books.

The winners for 8th grade were Jay Holt and David Pereira. Pereira explained what he does when he finds tickets on the floor,, “I usually hand in the tickets in .” The prize that Holt chose was a bag of gummy worms since he was “hungry that day”. The prizes that Pereira would like to have is sports supplies, such as basket balls.

The whole system started when seven people were chosen to help set up the program at school. Ms.D’Orsi and Mr.Blasena are the co-chairpersons for the program.The teachers attended training including learning new vocabulary and more research for the program. At times the training would be four hours a session.

Other schools in the district with the program are Colonial Middle and Fords Middle, but a variation of PBSIS. Mr. Blasena believes PBSIS is helping, “We are becoming more respectful toward each other and responsible.”

His advice on how not to lose tickets is “the day you get your ticket, put it in the bucket at lunch.” Mr.Blasena’s goal for PBSIS “Is to make our school a better place. Making the environment more enjoyable.” What Ms.D’Orsi would like to add to the program is “value to trade a certain amounts of tickets to gain a privilege.

Pupils should encourage other students by “having responsibility, integrity, and respect,o show a positive impact.” Ms.D’orsi would describe PBSIS as a ”Positive Program that offers incentive, attitude, and action.”

Let’s continue this year with integrity, responsibility, and have a positive attitude towards school.