December Students Of The Month Declare They Are Dedicated To School


Ms Torrella

7 GRADE STUDENTS OF THE MONTH: Noah Gibb and Christhalia Jufus

Kylee Riscoe, Fall Author

The 7th grade students of WMS are doing excellent, especially Noah Gibb and Christhalia Jusuf.They are the winners of 7th grade student of the month, and are hoping that they continue to excel in school.

Jusuf is one of many 7th graders who is showing great responsibility at WMS.  Jusuf is a hard worker and is striving to be a good role model.  Jufus said, “I feel the same, just a little different in a good way since I won.’’ Jusuf said,’”I look up to  my sister because she is a good role model.’’ also studies “a lot” and always does her homework.  When her name was called, she was “very surprised” and “confused”. Jusuf’s favorite subject is Math, but her best subject is Civics.’’ The way I study is with flashcards and I use quizlet,’’ Jufus said.  Jusuf’s favorite thing to do during Christmas is getting all of her family together because they live all over the country.

Gibb is the other 7th grade student who is also showing  greatness in WMS.  Gibb isn’t sure about his emotions because he said, “I already won it once before’’.  His parents were incredibly excited about the acomplinship.  Gibb said,”my friends and family inspire me to do so well in school’’.  Gibb also says, “I am doing so well in school because I am putting enough time and effort and I am putting it in tomy work”.  When Gibb’s name was called on the loudspeaker he was “shocked, surprised and, excited”.  Gibb’s studying habits include studying five to ten minutes each night when there is an upcoming test.  Gibb also has a favorite thing to do during Christmas, which is meeting with his family on Christmas Eve.

Both Jufus and Gibb are aspiring students at WMS as they continue to be great role models for our fellow students.