Adapting to Obstacles #3

Emma Hodgins, Fall Editor

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Often students become depressed as a result of stress, death, schoolwork, family life, etc. Letting depression have power over you leads to an endless cycle of negativity and pain. Although doing certain activities may not cure your problems, it will improve your mental state.

If you do experience prolonged periods of severe symptoms of depression, or develops to the point where its debilitating, speak to a trusted adult immediately. It is caused by an abnormality of the neural synapses, resulting in a significant loss of interest in activities and severe melancholy. Clinical depression may require medication and/or therapy.

For those who aren’t clinically depressed, but are suffering from pensive melancholy, stress, or anxiety there are various things to do to improve your mental state. One of the simplest things to do is talk to a school counselor, a teacher, a parent, a sibling, or a close friend. Although gathering the courage to talk to someone can be difficult if you’re socially anxious, internalizing your emotions is self-destructive. By talking to someone, you can spill whatever you’ve been bottling up.

Another thing I suggest is to start setting goals for yourself. Often times when depressed, it’s easy to convince oneself that setting goals is pointless. But it provides a reason to get up in the morning, which those who are depressed often lack. Even if it’s as simple as brushing your teeth, it gives you both something to do, and something to be proud of completing.

For unathletic people like me, exercising was the last thing I want to accomplish, especially when depressed. Recent studies conclude that exercise releases endorphins, which make you significantly more happy. Although exercise isn’t the most optimal activity in the midst of this, it makes a huge difference in how we feel.

Insomnia and binging/starving oneself are some of the many side effects of depression. For this reason, eating healthy and getting a proper amount of sleep is critical. Both provide energy, which those who are depressed are drained of. Getting a healthy amount of both will drastically change your mood.

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