Curtains close after a magnificent closing to an amazing career


Mr.Wilson at last year winter concert

Noemi Grande, Editor

After years of teaching strings at Woodbridge Mr. Wilson decides to retire.

Mr.Wilson is a teacher here at WMS and Iselin. He wasn’t inspired to teach strings, but a “series of events” led him to the position. His best moments from teaching at the school is community service trips for veterans they do annually ,usually during the Christmas holidays. He started teaching around the early 90’s.

Before teaching, he played music and traveled on tours as a professional job. He went on state department tours. State Department tours are exchange tours, he went on to Romania where he went and performed and met the people from Romina later on.

Mr.Wilson’s advice to students who want to take strings more seriously is to practice 4-5 hours a day. He can tell if they practiced.

His favorite instruments to play are guitar and violin. Mr.Wilson used to own a civil war period violin, but sold it . He likes telecaster electric guitars. Some of his favorite music and I can artists are Led Zepplin, John Coltrane, Mozart, Breaking Benjamin, and “lots of other stuff.”

Some of hobbies are fishing and painting. He paints buildings, weird houses, and “things that have angles.” His grandfather showed him how to fish in 1964 at Rahway Park. He went with his friends and had to use safety pins as hooks. Mr.Wilson’s dream vacation is to go to Colorado or Montana for fly fishing.

One of his best experiences is going to Point Pleasant beach a few years ago where he caught a big fish, but lost it, it showed him “the potential of catching those big fish” it gave him “incentive to continue.”

A piece of advice he received is, “try to think simple, don’t make things complicated.” It means making things more complicated makes it more difficult. “To focus on one thing instead of millions of things,”

Some wishes and other comments for Mr.Wilson

“Catches as many fishes as he possibly can.” -Mr.Miller

“Lots of relaxing and fishing and create more jazz music.”-Mr.Van

“Funny,talented ,creative loves fishing. Great with kids. Rock jams- Mr. Blackmore

“Very kind, patient, and helpful.”-Jason Merchan

“Wish him all the best and I hope he keeps jamming.”-Mr.Catalano

“Dedicated professional who strived to make the lives of his students better every day. Every student I met in strings always felt excited to go to class.”-Mr. Malmstrom

“Mr.Wilson is one of the finest musicians, finest teachers, and finest people I know.”-Dr.Crowe

“Peace,relaxation,plenty of opportunity that he wouldn’t do during the school year.”-Mr.Keuscher

Our WMS teacher will be missed and we hope for him to have a lovely retirement.

Olivia Viggiano
Mr.Wilson and his little friend