Mr.McGuire dances into the rhythm of WMS!

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Mr.McGuire dances into the rhythm of WMS!

Gianna Orten, Fall Author

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This past September Woodbridge Middle School sang the praises of new music and choir teacher, Mr. McGuire.

When asked about what motivates him, McGuire stated that his motivators were his high school music teachers, Mrs.Currin and Mrs.Retzco. He went on to say, “I was a bad kid in school;-they both helped me focus and practice music.”

Before becoming a music teacher you’d be surprised that McGuire worked at Quick-Chek.  McGuire also commented, “the students will have a kick out of this one!”  He also played the bass guitar in a band.

When McGuire was in his Junior year of college, he finally decided to become a music teacher at Seton Hall University. McGuire said he “had an amazing time in college, made a lot of friends, and sang in the choir.-”

At the end of our interview, McGuire shared that if he could go anywhere in the world, he would go to Iceland because of its “natural beauty.”

Here are some responses from a student, Deevany, in McGuire’s class, “Mr. McGuire  isn’t strict and sometimes some teachers can be strict,” said Deevany.  She also said that “the class is really fun because there are less kids in the class and we can do more stuff with the instruments.”

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