Serious 6th Grade Students Win September Student Of The Month


Ms. Torella

SIXTH GRADE SEPTEMBER STUDENTS OF THE MONTH: Ava Ciaccio and Kevin Sosa receive the first student of the month award for the year.

Two sixth grade students win Student of the month for the month of September at Woodbridge Middle School.

Kevin Sosa is a sixth grader attending his first year at Woodbridge Middle School. He has won student of the month for the month of September. Sosa said, “I was surprised to be chosen because I’m not always the best student all the time”.

Since Sosa won, he said he is more popular and has made more friends since coming into WMS.  Sosa said, “I was shocked when my name was called to come on stage, my friends and I were happy for me”.  So far, Sosa has enjoyed WMS, but he thought the lockers were bigger and he thought he didn’t have to wear gym clothes.

Sosa said “the transition was pretty easy, but I was nervous on the first day.”  It was even crazier because Kevin Sosa didn’t even know what student of the month meant before he won.

Ava Ciaccio is another 6th grader attending WMS to win student of the month.  Ciaccio felt “cool excited” and her friends were excited for her to win student of the month.  Ciaccio said ”winning student of the month has made me more confident in the hallways.”

Ciaccio also said, ”I was scared, but kind of excited to go on stage in front of the whole school.” Just like Sosa, Ciccio also didn’t know what student of the month meant when she won it.  Ciaccio said ”middle school isn’t that hard besides math.”