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The Warrior Messenger

Archer By: Jared Kruszka

Genesis Henriquez, Spring Editor

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He waited for his prey to arrive. He was going to take it back home to his family. They were starving out there in their little home. He seeked pain and misery from the cold snow and metal. His bow froze his hand to it. Frosty air surrounded his body. Snow hurled down with it soaking his clothes.

He couldn’t leave. His family was starving. They had no food. What was he going to do? Light started to fade. More clouds? No. The sun had reached it’s end. Deer started arriving to his campsite. He drew waiting for a good shot. The deer slowly turned to its side. It was his chance, his family was waiting for him. His fingers let go of the string. His arrow flew down towards the deer.

It seemed so long since he shot. But on a matter of second, the arrow arrived. The deer left without a trace. Red filled its tracks. His family now had food.

His family could last three days with this deer. The frigid weather decreased it by a day. The hunter soon left again with a bow and arrow. His family would have starved without him. Thankfully he returned every time with some food.

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Archer By: Jared Kruszka