Twenty One Pilots settles the score


Photo via wikipedia under the Creative Commons License

Noemi Grande, Author

Twenty One Pilots performed at the Barclay Center for their American leg of the Emotional Roadshow Tour with Judah the Lion and Jon Bellion.

Prior to the tour it had been the longest break ever, “I just got done being sick and I think it was a great show, I think that showed cured me, that show made me not sick anymore,”Josh Dun said after playing the first show of the tour in an interview on  the Twenty One Pilots YouTube channel.  Tyler Joseph is the pianist, ukuleleist, and singer and Josh is the drummer.  The show started off with Judah the Lion performing “Suit and Jacket”.They had a cello and banjo, which you don’t see too often in today’s music besides in country.  They covered a song by The Killers called “Mr.Brightside”, which most of the crowd knew the words to.

Next to perform was Jon Bellion; he is a rapper and has composed songs like “All Time Low”, which won a platinum award and “Guillotine.  He pressed a key on a synthesizer and the crowd started cheering. He did it a couple of times until the lights went on and he started singing “He is the Same”.  Another performer was with him, Travis Mendes; he is featured in “Guillotine”, but sang along with him on his other songs too.

Next up was Twenty One Pilots,  the main event.  It took a bit longer for them begin, so people were anxiously looking at the stage seeing if they were there.  Then Boom! Some music started playing while the stadium was still dark, but a few red lights were on.  There was a screen that showed Tyler’s alter ego “Blurryface”.

Blurryface started rapping the first few lines of “Fairly Local”. Then Tyler started rapping and the song turned into “Heavydirtysoul”. “Heavydirtysoul”, the first song off Blurryface, has an intense intro because of the quick rapping.  In the song “Hometown” the screen behind them showed a wolf chasing a rabbit.  In “Heavydirtysoul”there’s a line in the song, “death inspires me like a dog inspires a rabbit.”

Tyler took a break to talk to the audience, asking how everyone was doing.  He told a story about the first time they played at the Barclay Center.  There were technical difficulties. “We felt like we didn’t really win over the crowd”, Tyler said about their first concert at the arena.  He asked the crowd to settle the score.  They ended their concert with their song “Trees” off of Vessel.  Trees is a famous for being the grand finale.

Josh and Tyler went  into the crowd with drums, the crowd  holding them up.  Confetti rained everywhere.  People screamed, cried,and laughed.  The whole show itself was an experience that could never be forgotten.  That night’s audience settled the score.