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The Warrior Messenger

Life By: Nico Diaz

Genesis Henriquez, Spring Editor

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Life can be hard

You don’t know what to do

Because you still have such a long life to live

Even when you think you have no motive

You can’t stay captive

You have to stay active

When you lose someone you love

It’s heartbreaking

Feeling like you’re getting pushed and shoved

I feel like I’m slipping and I can’t get up

But I have to get up for me and the people I have around me

Life is like a tree, branches fall off

But they grow new ones

Life keeps on going like the rings of a tree

Sometimes you feel like going downward

But one day you will bloom

And you won’t gloom

But I took it all for granted

Never again, because now I feel pain

And nothing will ever be the same

It’s just a shame…

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Life By: Nico Diaz