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Fortnite’s new season:is it good or bad?

Photo from Dearplayers.com from under the Creative Commons License catagory
Photo from Dearplayers.com from under the Creative Commons License catagory

What is Fortnite?

Fortnite is a fighting game made back in 2017 made by Epic games. Fortnite has had an average of 30,000,000 people as of 2017.This popular game is a fighting game where you choose weapons as you go through chests  and find them on the ground of the map. As of updates there is a new season/update every month, the season’s update has new weapons, a new map, and a new theme. There are many weapons,mobility items and more stuff waiting for you to pick em up.

What is the season about?

This season is about post-apocalyptic wasteland, with new POIs(Point of interest) such as “Nitrodrome”, “Redline Rig”,  and “ Brutal Beachhead”. This season also consists of new battle pass skins/characters like “The Machinist” or “Brite Raider” and many other battle pass skins. New weapons in this season too? Of course there is like the “Enforcer Ar” or maybe you prefer something else like “The  Combat shotgun” but there are for sure other weapons waiting for its use.

But how to get around?Cars mostly but… there’s other things to get around this huge map called mobility items, mobility items help you go around the map for example like a grappling hook. Here are some of this season’s mobility items: like the “Nitro fists” my personal favorite  but many more are in the season but I am not naming them all.

Opinion about this season

Students have diverse opinions about the new season of Fortnite.  Many students do not like the new season.  For example, Crismarie Priego, a 6th grader at WMS, said, “This seasons a little worn down and I gotta say I really don’t like it.” 

Another student Zayd Moro said “It’s alright,” so in general this season is really mid.


Weapons this season are sometimes  good but also some are bad even though they might have a high rarity. Priego had some opinions about the weapons this season.  She said, “The best weapon this season is the gatekeeper’s shotgun.” 

Moro said the same thing, he said that he likes the “Gatekeepers shotgun” as well. The gatekeeper is a really popular weapon this season and in my opinion it’s the best weapon too.

Battle Pass:

Battle pass characters are interesting this season, Priego’s opinion is the exact same as mine and some other opinions, let’s hear her opinion and see if you agree, “ Characters in the battle pass don’t look that good like they used to.” 

Moro said that,  “I don’t like any battle pass characters this season”  but some of the characters are really really bad so I agree.

Compare and contrasting seasons:

Is it a better or worse season than any other? Well I think it’s really a bad season, Priego said, “Any season is better than this one” 

Moro’s opinion is that “Chapter 5 season 1 is better than this season” and a season better than this one in my opinion was the same as Priego’sreally any other season is better than this one


Loadout is really hard to choose this season since the weapons are not all that useful but others may think they are good, Priego said, “My dream loadout is a gate keeper’s shotgun.” 

Moro said that his dream loadout was a “gatekeeper’s shotgun, warforged assault rifle, a medkit, a big pot, and mini pots.” My personal dream loadout is really anything good, nothing specific.

Fortnite has diverse opinions on this season with some good opinions on this season and lots of bad ones, what’s your opinion on this season?

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