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What is a sneaker head ?

Kamia Jones
WMS students show off their sneakers.

It’s amazing how sneakers have become so popular and a must-have for so many people. From the array of styles and colors available, it’s easy to see why they have become a favorite among many. I interviewed a few individuals, and it was inspiring to hear their opinions and stories about the pairs they own.

Once a Sneakerhead, Always a Sneakerhead

What is a sneakerhead? A sneakerhead collects and trades sneakers as a hobby, and is often knowledgeable about the history of sneakers. During an interview with BellaSofia, she shared that her interest in sneakers began with her parents. “My dad and mom were both sneakerheads, so they always got me sneakers since I was little.” When asked about her love for shoes, Ms. Tish replied, “I love shoes very, very much.”

Ms. Chesney admitted “I’ve been collecting sneakers ever since I was little. I remember my first pair of white-on-white air forces and since then, I’ve been collecting sneakers.”

I also interviewed 6th graders, Nayon and Malaiyah. Nayon stated,” Ever since I got my first pair of Jordans, I just fell in love with sneakers.”  Malaiyah said that her “ sister has sneakers and I started to like them.” I became a sneakerhead because of my older brother, Brazy. He always had a sneaker plug up and was a manager of Foot Locker a couple of years ago and he just always got my sisters and me sneakers ever since.

Sneaker Plugs

Where do you get your sneakers from? There are many places to get your sneakers from. Like FootLocker, JD, Champs, ‘Snipes, StockX, GOAT, SNKRS, Laced Up, Stadium Goods, etc. When asked where she gets her sneakers from, BellaSofia shared, “It depends, sometimes, if they’re in the store, then I’ll get them in the store.” Everybody gets their sneakers from a different place and Ms. Tish, the school secretary, gets hers from “online, or in a store at the mall. But mostly online.”

Ms. Chesney also shared that, “It depends. StockX, sometimes. Or I would venture to the mall.” I get my shoes from either GOAT, Laced Up, or my brother gets them for me. Many people say that StockX and Goat try to sell you fake stuff, but I think it depends on what you buy and who you buy it from. Malaiyah and Nayon both state that they get their shoes from the mall or they will order them online if they don’t have their sizes.

Sneaker Mania

What is the craziest thing you would do to get a pair of sneakers you want? I interviewed WMS 6th grader, Nayon H, who said he would steal his mom’s credit card. Stealing your mom’s credit card is wild, but ok.

Another WMS 6th grader, Malaiyah Thomas, said she would go on a roller coaster for sneakers. The craziest that I would do for sneakers is I would ignore everybody in my life for a whole 6 months.

BellaSofia said that she would “get a job” for sneakers. Teacher Ms. Chesney and Secretary Ms. Tish will camp out for sneakers. To be honest, I feel like some of the ugliest sneakers are mad expensive for no reason. 





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