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WMS Hosts a Black History Month Assembly

Devki Bhavsar
The WMS Peer Leader gives their presentation on the 1950s in the WMS Assembly.

The WMS peer leaders created a Black History Month Assembly that took place on March 7th in the auditorium. 

Mrs. Washington, the peer leader founder, and language arts teacher, expressed the real meaning of what the assembly was about. She said it was “to show African American achievements since the 1900s.  We have achieved so much and I think it was very important to show people that.” From the outcome of the assembly, she clearly showed everybody that African Americans impacted the world forever.

Mrs. Washington made sure to show what African Americans did to change society’s lives and challenges in a fun, descriptive assembly with thought-out information. Everybody learned more than they knew and this is why she will keep doing it in the future. She said, “Each year we try[to change it up] we have our thoughts as to what we will do next year”. 

She not only was proud of everything her Peer Leaders put into this assembly but also she said, “Everyone did a lot of work, and worked with each other [very nicely and all came out smoothly]”.The assembly was not easy but they all worked together to make sure everything was smooth and unforgettable.

The WMS Peer Leaders are giving their presentation in the WMS Assembly.

Many students who were part of the assembly explained the work that went into it.  For example, An 8th-grade Peer Leader and spectacular singer, Dorcas Amusa said,  “[It took a lot of effort] to make sure it was a smooth process.” 

Although it was a success, there were still challenges. Mrs. Washington said, “Oh [there were] challenges; we had to stay after school and they worked with each other and [everyone] was nervous.“ 

The Peer Leaders all had different ways of coping with their nervousness. Amusa said, “I was very nervous. I am not an outgoing person.”Amusa pushed aside her nervousness and gave everyone an amazing performance that garnered a standing ovation.

Two months of hardworking research went into the assembly.  An 8th-grade Peer Leader, Jillian Peralta, said, “It took a few days; I had to show Mrs.Washington if it was good or not.” Not only did they have to practice their scripts for the play, but everyone had to do some type of research on the 1900s slides. Nobody was left out, everyone had a part to do. The work paid off and many people enjoyed the acting and the presentation.

The skits took a little more time to prepare. Many Peer Leaders were so nervous to act in front of the school. A 7th-grade Peer Leader Mujitba Razza stated, “I was nervous if you can tell,I had the thought process that everyone is going to forget about it [the next day].” The spirits made a big impact on the assembly for everyone who learned something new. 

The WMS Peer Leaders presented their skit, acting like they were on the Oprah Winfrey show in the assembly.

It was not only pressure for the Peer Leader but also lots of fun overall, including the audience, peer leaders, cheerleaders, and chorus. A 7th-grade peer leader and MC of the event, Kylie Reed, stated, “I enjoyed the finished-the-lyrics because it was a fun time for everyone to take a break.” 

It was enjoyable for the audience to watch the outstanding cheerleading performance led by Mrs. Liastro and Mrs. Douglas. Mr. Magwire, the chorus teacher did a good job teaching the course how to sing that beautiful song. Not only was it amazing but very calming.



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