WMS first team of cheerleaders end the year with glitter and pom poms


The cheerleaders getting ready for their big performance

The enthusiastic cheerleaders pump up the basketball games with their dance routine created by Coach Duffy and Coach Liastro.   

Coach Duffy and Coach Liastro both make a great team when working together.  Coach Duffy follows Coach Liastro when it comes to making the moves for the cheer. “The cheerleaders don’t have disputes because they know what will happen,” says Coach Duffy.  What Coach Liastro likes about cheerleading  is it “invokes and promotes school spirit.”

Coach Liastro is the assistant coach, but Coach Duffy says they’re at the “same level.”  Two cheerleaders, Heaven Odom and Megan McKenzie, were interviewed about their experience in cheerleading. Odom has been cheerleading for six years.  McKenzie has been cheerleading for “four or five years”. The song they dance to is “Where Them Girls At” by David Guetta.

Coach Liastro says,”Their lucky for having a couple cheerleaders who can do tumbles and flips.” For the District Championship Game  performance they added tumbles and a stunt.  Coach Liastro said, “The process of making the routine was smooth and the cheerleaders are fast learners.”

Coach Duffy and Coach Liastro want to raise more money for supplies, get more involved with the community,and more variety of cheers.  

These two coaches and cheerleaders have been working hard to exhilarate the audience. Odom’s favorite part of cheerleading is the practices ”and being  able to become friends with the other cheerleaders.”  

Coach Duffy is “Incredibly proud of the cheerleaders and impressed.”  They encourage anybody who wants to join next year.