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The student news site of Woodbridge Middle School

The Warrior Messenger

The student news site of Woodbridge Middle School

The Warrior Messenger

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Kai Dowell: What games do you like and play?

Ezra Rodriguez
Kai Dowell poses for a picture.

EZRA: I’m Ezra from The Warrior Messenger, thank you for your time.


ER: This interview is going to be about games so I have a few questions. How would I spell your name?


KAI: K a i.


ER: The first question is, how do you feel about the game Fortnite?


KD: It was like one of my first games I have ever played so like the 3rd first game I have ever played and like it got old and i kept playing by myself and i have been playing it since 2018 and i still am to this day but it makes me mad sometimes because i would be fighting the boss and i would almost get it but then it dances and I die.


ER: Yeah that’s very annoying, at that point I wouldn’t go for it.


ER: Next question, what are your thoughts on the new mod attachments?


KD: That’s good, that’s good I like all of the weapons and the game has become way more realistic with the movement mechanics and the guns like and the attachments you can put on them so it brings like a new type of feel to the game.


ER: What are your favorite mod attachments to put on any item?


KD: I don’t know what they are called but like the one with the square scope.


ER: The holo-13 optic?


Kai: Yeah and the one with the grip.


ER: The angled foregrip?


KD: Yeah and then the mag that helps you shoot faster.


ER: Okay, Speaking of new mechanics, what do you think of all the mechanics that this game has?

KD: The movement I like, I know a lot of people don’t say that but I like the new movement and like how you can like, so like how a lot of people have to adjust to it so like not everybody is like as good as they used to be so like it makes it easier for casual players to play the game and then the uh, i forgot what it was called.


ER: The wall climb?


KD: Yeah, yeah that’s the worst thing that they need to take that out I don’t know what the other thing was called.


ER: Sliding?


KD: Sliding, yeah sliding is good if the movement is slow so you need sliding and like sprinting to move around faster.


ER: What is your favorite part so far about this season?


KD: My favorite part is , wait this is season 1 chapter 5 right?


ER: Yeah.


KD: Oh, shoot I like the guns and the map, better than the og map way more.


ER: Because there is also a whole lot more to explore and it brings a new vibe right?


KD: Yeah,


ER: What do think you be changed in the next season?


KD: The bosses should not be able to heal back and there should not be as many bots and there shouldn’t be as many henchmen, they should add siphon back to rank and take out the wall jumping because they are making it more realistic.


ER:  Mats and heals? Just heals? Just mats?


KD: Just heals not mats because you can just farm the mats back up on your own because if they kept the mats then there would be pretty much infinite mats it should be just heals like it used to be. And some of the guns because i like the guns just the AR’s though because they are way too broken.


ER: Especially the striker too.


KD: Yeah Yeah Yeah.


ER: Would you mind elaborating a bit more on that?


KD: There should be way more heals in the game and they should keep the newest feature of healing while walking, and they should reduce fall damage too.


ER: What type of healing items do you think they should bring back?


KD: The pizza no no no the slurp juice.


ER: What type of slurp juice do you think they should bring back the old one that heals one at a time or the new one that heals both at the same time?


KD: I think old one because the new slurp juice is so overpower and heals so fast.


ER: Not to mention it lowers storm damage.


ER: Is there anything you would like to add?


KD: Nah.


ER: Thank you for you time.


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