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The Warrior Messenger

The student news site of Woodbridge Middle School

The Warrior Messenger

The student news site of Woodbridge Middle School

The Warrior Messenger

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MICHAEL FELIU: His love for video Games

Preston Garcia
Michael Feliu poses for a picture after the interview.

The following is a full transcript of the interview given by Michael Feliu to Preston Garcia of The Warrior Messenger about video games.

PRESTON GARCIA:What is your favorite game to play?

MICHAEL FELIU:Of all my favorite games I choose Roblox.

PG:What are the top games you play the most?

MF: Roblox and Sonic the Hedgehog games.

PG:Out of all games, which is your most favorite game?

MF:My favorite has to be the new Sonic game after Sonic: Superstars.

PG: So when did you start playing these games?

MF: I started playing Roblox a year ago and at a certain little age I started playing Sonic games at about the age of 6-7 and Horror games.  I kind of liked when I got a little bit older because I can take scary games like that as II got older.

PG:What games do the topics have and what are the games about?

MF: Action,Adventure,Horror obviously,And a little bit of violence depending on the type of game.

 PG:What are some of the objectives of the games that you play?

MFRoblox is a game where you can own or join other people’s games servers or join someone’s game that they created.  Alll the games on Roblox have different objectiives or different tasks or manly any thing.  Sonic Superstars is a game you play as your favorite Sonic character.  The game is up to four players and you have to get different chaos emeralds to get different powers to survive to defeat the evil Doctor egg man.   And horror games are just the type of games to give you a scare and sometimes horror games might have different tasks or different objectives for you to do because Some might be like a puzzle related.

PG:So where do they mostly take place ?

MF:Like what do you mean by that.

PG:I mean like where do they like what happens in them like what’s the set? 

MF:Take Doors a Roblox game for example You basically can be solo or with people or with your friends When you your in for a few seconds you are in a elevator and your taken in to a reception room It seems peaceful like a nice Hotel you can sleep at but all of a sudan there’s a little scuff on your right add apparently those things do murder you may come across a spider in a draw or a enetie rushing by you to kill you and it keeps come back and forth or it is chasing you and you might get blinded or just wants to give you a good scare and might have a intenchen of hurting you. for sonic superstars you start at a starting screen like every sonic game there’s menu and everything and you can choose a story mode or multiplayer mode.

PG:What Characters are like in these games like what are their games, what do they do?

MF:Like Roblox there can be any character ones from video games that are already made theirs also some from the game doors Rush,Ambush,sketch,timothy,and seek,and Sonic Superstars the characters are sonic,doctor egg man,tails and knuckles and there’s a secret characters in the game i don’t know the name but there’s one more character he loves riches and chaos emeralds for example his name is fin and on the evil side with Doctor egg man.

PG:Is there anything that you would like to add on?

MF:And for horror games it can be about anything like Bendy and the ink machine. It is an action    game where there are certain adjectives to get out of this evil studio that an old friend of yours invites you to.

PG:Anything else or that’s it.

MF:That’s all to add.Wait but one more thing you can for example you can you have to have a computer to publish a Roblox game and you can make your own item or clothing to customize your avatar and stuff.

PG:All right that’s it?



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