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Who does WMS think will win the Super Bowl?

Who does WMS think will win the Super Bowl?

The NFL Playoffs are just here and upsets are already rolling. Will the Detroit Lions break the color curse? Will the Chiefs go back to back in Super Bowl wins? Here’s what WMS thinks.


We asked 7th grader Bryan Teal who will win the Super Bowl and he says he thinks the 49ers will win the Super Bowl because they are the best team in the league. We also asked him who is a stronger division, the AFC or NFC and he said the AFC because they have better teams. 


8th grader Cody Ulmer believes the 49ers are the team to win because they have star running back Christian McCaffrey. 


Brian Dwyer is rolling with the ravens because of their success all year and he believes “Jackson is the man”. 


Championship winning home plate stealing Dylan Fiore says the Ravens will win the Super Bowl. This weekend he has the Ravens over the Texans, The Niners over the Packers, Lions over the Bucs, and the Bills over the Chiefs 


Andrew Fiore thinks the 49ers have it in the bag because they have been really good this season. We also asked Andrew Fiore if the one seed is a good or bad thing and he said being the one seed is a good thing because it’s one less game with a chance of getting eliminated and you have home field throughout the whole playoffs.


8th grader Ryan Bunten said he thinks the Super Bowl will be between the Lions and the Ravens and the Lions will come out victorious. He thinks the Lions will be the team to break the color curse.


Science teacher and head coach of the baseball and cross country team here at WMS Mr. Olvesen said he thinks the Super Bowl will be between the Ravens and the 49ers and the Ravens take it home and he thinks Lamar Jackson takes home the MVP. He has the Ravens over the Texans, the 49ers take care of Green Bay, he thinks the Bills beat the Chiefs without a doubt, the Bucs over the Lions.


Mr. Blasena said San Francisco will win but he wants his Packers to complete the upset and make history for the first 7 seed to win the Super Bowl. He believes the 1 seed is a good and bad thing because if your players are hurt then they get an extra week to recover and play. He thinks it’s a bad thing because it is very easy to become rusty and lose because of that extra game off.


Co-Cheer Coach Mrs. Liastro said her Buffalo Bills will come out on top in the big game. She thinks this because they are peaking at the right moment and have the momentum leading into the playoffs. Liastro being a big Taylor Swift we asked her if Swift is a good or bad thing for the NFL and she thinks Taylor Swift is a good thing for the NFL because it is throwing the Chiefs off their game and is perfect for her Bills to win.


Spanish Teacher Mr.Salinas believes we will have a repeat of the Super Bowl in New Orleans aka the (Blackout Bowl) between the 49ers and the Ravens. He thinks home field advantage is a huge help because you get to sleep in your own bed throughout the week and don’t have to do a lot of traveling. He also thinks the 1 seed is the best possible thing to have Because you’ve already established your dominance over everyone else. Salinas stated, “As a great man once said to be the champ you have to beat the champ”.


Former baseball coach and current Journalism Teacher here at WMS, Mr. Malmstrom thinks it is Lamar Jackson and the Ravens time to take home the title. He also thinks they are just about equal this year because the teams that everyone believed were the “juggernauts” all showed they have weaknesses and teams like the Lions have shined.

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