Shoe Of The Week-Johndel Castillos


Angel Batista

BLACK AIR FORCE ENERGY : Johndel wears black forces to school

Angel Batista, Author

Johndel is an 8th grade student at WMS; he enjoys basketball and shoes. Johndel mainly buys his shoes online from Stockx and Goat but if he has to go to the store in person he would go to the Foot Locker and Finish Line. When asked, who else has a good shoe game he said “Mya, yeah.” But still he thinks that he has the best shoe game in the school. He doesn’t really think about the comfort of the shoes as much as how fashionable they are.  When asked which celebrity he thinks has the best shoe game he said, “Lil Tijay, Lil Tijay has the best fits.”