It’s okay to not be okay: Your mental health matters



Stay; it is going to be worth it in the long run.

Sam Morel, Editor

I struggle a lot with stress and anxiety but the worst part of it is that not everybody understands unless they’ve been through it. You see, when I’m stressed out I tend to shake my leg, pace back and forth, and drink water. When people see me do these things they call me out on it and say I need to stop being such a baby. That triggers a lot of stuff for me because as much as I want to scream at them saying they don’t know anything, I know I have to stay quiet. So, I am writing this to remind you that you are not alone. People will always judge you and have something to say about you. I understand what it feels like to not feel heard. I understand what it feels like to feel alone but you are not alone. You never will be. And if you ever do, remember you have a friend on the outside who understands and loves you. 

On average, it takes 8-10 years for someone who is struggling with a mental illness to ask help/get help. So let me ask you this; if you had a sore throat, would you wait 8-10 years to go to the doctor? If you had a broken arm, would you wait 8-10 years to get a cast put on it? If you are experiencing chest pain/heart issues, are you going to wait 8-10 years to see a doctor? If you go to the doctor almost instantly for physical health issues, what is different about your mental health? If you wouldn’t walk on a broken leg, you shouldn’t navigate life with an uncomfortable mind. You are not broken. Your brain is not broken. Just because the car needs an oil change does not mean the car is broken. It’s okay to not be okay. It’s okay to ask for help. Don’t wait 8-10 years to find your true meaning of happiness. 

If you need someone to talk to, call or text, reach out to one of these numbers below. They are anonymous hotlines therefore, talk without feeling judged. 


If it’s an emergency, please dial 911. 

Suicide prevention – (800) 273-8255

Eating disorder – (800) 931-2237

Drug abuse – (800) 662-4357

Grief or loss – (800) 395-5755

Dating abuse & domestic violence – (866) 331-9474

Sexual assault – (800) 656-4673

General crisis – text SUPPORT to 741-741

Family violence – (800) 313-1310