Drama club reduces bullying one act at a time


The WMS Drama Club put on a stellar performance on Wednesday, December 21 in the auditorium to recognize bullying.

Mrs. Liastro and Mr. O’Connor are in charge of the drama club. The first play they did this year was a play that helps to spread a positive message about standing up to bullying hoping to decrease the amount of it in school. Students who watched the play said that it was funny, interesting, and it went well.

Mr. O’Connor said, “The actors did a wonderful job and Mrs. Liastro did a wonderful job directing.” He said that Cafe Night is on March 22 and it is like a talent show where “students can show what they can do and what they have been doing.”

Mrs. Liastro says that the best thing about having a drama club is “being able to have students who may be [shy] coming out of their shell.” She said that having a drama club benefits students because it gives them confidence and new skills. She thinks the bullying play went perfectly and it went better than it did in rehearsal.  She said, “Students who are not afraid to step outside of their comfort zone make good actors.”

One of the students who participated in the play is Jessica Joseph. She said, “Being in drama club makes me feel happy because I feel special being in the plays.” Her favorite part about drama club is the plays and when they get to do Cafe Night. She chose to be in drama club because “my friends were in it and it seemed like fun.”

We hope the drama club continues to put on special performances, spreading positive messages for the school.