Shoe of the week: Steph Curry Splash 2 ¨Sour then Sweet¨



Shoe of the week:Steph Curry Splash 2 ¨Sour then Sweet¨

Alex Loo, Author

Today´s Shoe of the Week is the Stephen Curry Splash 2 ¨Sour then Sweet¨ worn by Mikey Reyez. This shoe was made in 2022, having a collab with Sour Patch Kids. Mikey bought these shoes not only for basketball but because they are comfortable and good for sports and excise, however, Mikey says he Wouldn´t recommend them because he says ¨when he was shopping online for them they looked good but, when he got them there was stuff that he didn’t like about the shoes¨. Mikey says he used baby wipes to clean the shoes, cleaning the small dirty spots.