Crystology: Crystal of the Week; Aquamarine

Photo Via under Common Creative License

Mya Acosta, Author

This week’s crystal is Aquamarine. Aquamarine is a mineral found mainly in Brazil and is mostly found as a pale blue-green gemstone that is from the same beryl family that includes morganite and emerald. This crystal has been said to-

  • Promote psychic ability
  • Counteract darkness 
  • Being mental clarity 
  • Promote courage 
  • Support meditation 
  • Facilitate closure 
  • Purify and calm 
  • Promote compassion

The energy of this soothing stone focuses energy through the throat and heart. The Crystal Aquamarine means “ Water of the Seas,” summoning those who need the power of this ever-flowing element in their lives. To wear this crystal it is said to be worn as a pendant or amulet near you to soothe stress, emotional trauma, and cooling down anger. The gentle energy of Aquamarine will help you move on through the healing processes of tough times.