Mental Health

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Uththara P., Author

Many students at school deal with their own personal problems in life. Some, are more serious than others. According to, the most common reasons why high school students have dropped out of school are they missed too many school days, this was about 43.5%. Many students also assume that it would’ve been easier to get a general education diploma. This reason contains about 40.5% of students. Lastly, their grades play a big part in their reasoning. 38% of students drop out because their grades aren’t up to their or the schools’ expectations.  

Those were just some of the school-related reasons for students’ problems. But, there are also many family-related problems that only stay in the comfort of their own home. Many causes of problems are having to take care of a family member, which is an insanely big reason why students drop out of school, and instead of taking care of their own well-being, they put others first instead of themselves. There are also many reasons that go unrecognized. 

According to, “nearly three-quarters of U.S. parents said their child would benefit from mental health counseling–up from 68 percent in 2021”. Although this is a good thing, there are also very bad sides to this. About a third of the parents in the U.S. has said that their child has shown many symptoms of mental health issues such as anxiety, which is about 19%. And depression, about 13%. 60% of teens and children with depression have not received treatment.