Sweet of the Week: Valentine’s Day/Strawberry Fudge


Jake Dinicola


Jake Dinicola, Author

So there is a boulder in the path and the dessert needs to bypass it. The dessert uses its muscles and attempts to push the boulder out of the way. Unfortunately the dessert isn’t strong enough and you know what the dessert said? “It won’t fudge!” The dessert of the week we’ll be making is strawberry fudge for late Valentine’s Day! Fill your sweet tooth with a sweet treat once a week, As we cook and perfect desserts, simple and complex. Don’t forget your handy spoon to try out your masterpieces!


Materials: Mixing bowl, 8×8 baking pan, 12 oz of white chocolate chips, one tub of strawberry frosting, red sprinkles (pink works too), non-stick cooking spray, tin foil, spatula, knife and spoon. (Jake Dinicola)


Step 1: Take the tin foil and wrap it around the 8×8 baking pan. Spray tin foil with the non-stick cooking spray. (Jake Dinicola)


Step 2: Dump 12 oz of white chocolate chips into the mixing bowl and microwave 30 seconds until it’s meltable. Use the spatula to mix the chocolate into a solid-liquid-like melting. (Jake Dinicola)


Melted chocolate result. (Jake Dinicola)


Step 3: Take the tub of strawberry icing and scoop the whole thing in the mixing bowl with the spoon. Mix until there are no white chocolate remains with the spatula. (Jake Dinicola)


Mixed result. (Jake Dinicola)


Step 4: Pour the mixture into the pan, Then add the red sprinkles over the mixture and place the mixture in the fridge for 2 hours. (Jake Dinicola)


Sprinkled result. (Jake Dinicola)


Step 5: After 2 hours, cut the fudge vertically 7 times with the knife, then cut horizontally 3 times. (Jake Dinicola)


Cut result. (Jake Dinicola)


And Bravo! You’ve made your own Valentine’s Day strawberry fudge! Don’t forget to wash the dishware used in the process and return them to their respective places after washing. Dispose of the strawberry icing tub and tin foil and throw the remaining white chocolate bag in a plastic bag. Afterward, grab someone you love/like for a late Valentine’s day treat or enjoy it by yourself. Happy late Valentine’s Day! And prepare yourself for next week’s sweet! 


Final result here. (Jake Dinicola)