Top 10 Horror Video Games

Photo via under the Creative Commons License

Photo via under the Creative Commons License

Seiry Collazo, Author

10. The Mortuary Assistant – This game brings terrifying, paranormal creatures and amps them up 10 levels. Not only that, but the game mechanics and very-real mortuary tasks you perform throughout the game are entertaining and nerve racking. Although it isn’t the longest game, the events and horror make up for that. 

9. Resident Evil 2 and 3 (remakes) – If you’re looking for a zombie-based game with a spectacular twist, this game is for you! The horror factor is incredible, with the gross mutations and the gore. Also, the overall story, game mechanics, and boss fights make for an incredible journey. 

8. Sonic.EXEAt first, the game doesn’t seem scary, being a sonic game and all. But this creepy-pasta-based game is so much more than just a Sonic game. The horrifying imagery, the gore, and the SFX make for a perfect horrorous adventure. I recommend this game for those who are more into cartoon horror, and who aren’t looking for much of a challenge. This game is extremely disturbing, and is incredibly loud. 

7. The Quarry – The Quarry is a decision based game where making the wrong choices can mean losing a character. This game is fairly long, having 9 hours of game play. The horror is a bit cliche, but the horrifying creatures and the gore mix well with it. The game is very high quality, and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys cliche/basic horror.

6. Aka Manto – This indie horror game is more on the paranormal side, having an entity chase you the whole game. This game was based off of a Japanese urban legend named Aka Manto. The game play is amazing and there are so many things to do. The SFX are amazing, making the player feel uneasy. This game is incredibly underrated, and I think it deserves more credit. 

5. The Last of Us – The Last of Us is another decision-based game, winning 10 awards and getting Game of the Year. This game, similar to the Resident Evil franchise, has mutated creatures as well. Although it takes from the ‘zombie apocalypse’ genre, it takes the horror factor and cranks it up to an insane level. Being a very popular game in the gaming community, it has a huge fan base, and recently has gotten its own show. 

4. Nun Massacre – This game brings a bit of physiological horror into play, having a nun going insane and all. The overall game mechanics and story make an amazing, fairly short indie game. This game definitely deserves more credit, and I recommend playing this game if your a fan of the indie horror genre.

3. OutlastThis psychological horror game is not only ranked one of the scariest games, but it also has incredibly high ratings. This game aims to show the monstrosities that can come from the human mind, and it does a great job of this. This survival horror game definitely deserves its place in the top 5.

2. Until Dawn –  Until Dawn is a decision based game with a devilish twist. Not only are the decisions life or death, but dealing with the nightmarish creatures all night make it the perfect game for someone looking for a challenge. The Quarry being its spiritual successor, this game is similar because of the gruesome deaths, gory injuries and overall plot. This is personally one of my favorites. 

1. Phasmophobia – For my number one pick, I chose Phasmophobia. I think this game really deserves its credit because of the consistency of horror. This game mainly focuses on ghost hunting, while trying to survive the haunting spirits. The tasks in the game are sometimes gory, which add to the horror factor. The jumpscares, spirits and game mechanics make for a really fun game to play with friends. This game is about being productive, and I recommend this game to people who enjoy teamwork-based games.